Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What does it mean to be a full-time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 student?
    A. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 full-time students are public school students, so they must take a full schedule, stay on pace, follow the pupil progression plan for the district, and take FCAT/EOC tests. In exchange, they can go on field trips, join clubs, use our full-time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 teachers, access guidance counselor support, and eventually earn a high school diploma.

    Q. What is the eligibility criteria to be a full-time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 student?
    A. View criteria>>

    Q. What does it mean to be a coenrolled student?
    A. That means students are enrolled in a public high school and are taking some classes at school and the rest online. All coenrolled students are encouraged to use Hillsborough Virtual K-12 for classes when possible. Guidance counselors can offer assistance.

    Q. What’s the difference between Hillsborough Virtual K-12 and Florida Virtual School (FLVS)?
    A. For grades 6 - 12, Hillsborough Virtual K-12 and FLVS share the same virtual environment, so the classes are the same. The difference is that Hillsborough Virtual K-12 follows the district school calendar, which means Hillsborough Virtual K-12 classes have start and stop deadlines. Also, Hillsborough Virtual K-12 uses Hillsborough County Public Schools instructors to teach the classes.

    Q. What’s the difference between Hillsborough Virtual K-12 and Home Education?
    A. Students who are full-time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 students are PUBLIC school students and must abide by all the rules of Hillsborough Virtual K-12 and the district. Home school students operate under a parent’s/guardian’s authority and have different rules and requirements. Home schoolers may take all their classes with Hillsborough Virtual K-12, but they retain their home school status.

    Q. I signed up for all Hillsborough Virtual K-12 classes. Am I an Hillsborough Virtual K-12 student?
    A. To be considered full-time Hillsborough Virtual K-12, students must make an application, be offered a seat, and physically enroll in our office like any other public school. Home school students can take a full schedule with Hillsborough Virtual K-12, but they remain home schoolers.

    Q. How many hours per day should I work?
    A. Students can expect to work about 5 hours a week per class, which is similar to physical school time. Full-time students have the most success sticking with a consistent schedule, turning in work for every class, every week.

    Q. What’s a “segment"?
    A. A segment is another name for semester.

    Q. What does it mean to “follow the district calendar"? Can I finish a class slower?
    A. Once Full-Time Hillsborough Virtual K-12 students begin their work, they are required to finish each class by the end of each semester.

    Q. I thought I could go at my own pace. Can I finish a class faster?
    A. Yes. Students can put as many hours into their online class as they want. It is recommended you choose a pace finishing 6-7% of the class per week.

    Q. I was advised to “use Hillsborough Virtual K-12 for my classes.” What does that mean?
    When requesting courses, students will be prompted to choose either Hillsborough Virtual K-12 or Florida Virtual School for the “Course Virtual School".

    Q. I tried to choose a Hillsborough Virtual K-12 class but they’re all closed. What’s wrong?
    A.Hillsborough Virtual K-12 classes usually follow the district calendar, though there is flexibility. Sometimes, Hillsborough Virtual K-12 classes are closed to enrollment. Also, rarely, a class is full with Hillsborough Virtual K-12. If you cannot enroll in Hillsborough Virtual K-12, check your start date. If it is correct, call our office: (813) 983-7278.

    Q. When you say “class", what does that mean?
    A. A class online is equivalent to one semester (two quarters). For example, all of Geometry is really two classes - Geometry, segment 1 & Geometry, segment 2.

    Q. I want to drop my physical school class in the middle of a semester (Oct/Nov or Mar/Apr) and take it online. Why do I need to “start the class over"?
    A. Online classes do not take partial grades from physical schools. Students must complete the whole class. Online classes typically take 14-18 weeks to complete working 5 hours per week.

    Q. What’s the cost?
    A.Hillsborough Virtual K-12 is public school and is free to Hillsborough County students. We do not offer programs for purchase.