Division of School Transformation

Mission for Transformation Network

  • The Transformation Network will relentlessly focus on bold, innovative approaches that create equitable access to high quality instructional practices, develop organizational talent and capacity, design high achieving collaborative school cultures, and empower family involvement and community partnerships for the most vulnerable schools in Hillsborough County.

     Transformation Network Improvement Model

    One of the most powerful influences on student achievement is scaling high-quality, academically rigorous instruction across every school. Without high-quality instruction, achievement gaps create disparate outcomes for our most disenfranchised students, leading to future opportunity gaps. The current organizational design of the Transformation Network allows for a deeper impact on the instructional infrastructure in schools, while also continuing to support the development of school-based leaders, schools cultures, and community engagement. This work also focuses on the alignment and empowerment of district divisions to eliminate barriers and support improvements, resulting in a streamlined and concentrated effort to improve the academic outcomes for students and establish common systems for sustainability across all schools.

Launch of the HCPS Transformation Network

  • The Transformation Network launched during the summer of 2020 after a reorganization and recalibration of the District's Achievement School model.  The Network reorganized from 50 to 28 of the District's most vulnerable and chronically challenged schools, including 23 elementary, 3 middle, and 2 K-8 schools.

    For SY21-22, the Network has now focused its efforts on serving 45 schools, including over 3,500 teachers and staff and 27,000 students; 89% students of color, 92% receive free and reduced lunch, and 17.5% student with disabilities.  The Transformation Network model focuses on ensuring that every school and every child are supported by 5 key levers of school change:

    1. High Quality Instruction
    2. Effective Leaders
    3. Collaborative Leaders
    4. Safe Supportive Environments
    5. Engaged Families 

Transformation Network Schools

    • Adams Middle
    • Broward Elementary
    • Bryan Elementary
    • Burney Elementary
    • Clair Mel Elementary
    • Cleveland Elementary
    • DeSoto Elementary
    • Dover Elementary
    • Dunbar Elementary
    • Edison Elementary
    • Folsom Elementary
    • Forest Hills Elementary
    • Foster Elementary
    • Gibsonton Elementary
    • Giunta Middle
    • Graham Elementary
    • Jackson Elementary
    • James Elementary
    • Jennings Middle
    • Just Elementary
    • Kenly Elementary
    • Kimbell Elementary
    • Lockhart Elementary
    • Mango Elementary
    • Memorial Middle
    • McDonald Elementary
    • Miles Elementary
    • Mort Elementary
    • Oak Park Elementary
    • Palm River Elementary
    • Pizzo K-8
    • Potter Elementary
    • Reddick Elementary
    • Robles Elementary
    • Shaw Elementary
    • Sheehy Elementary
    • Shields Middle
    • Sligh Middle
    • Sulphur Springs K-8
    • Tampa Heights Elementary
    • Temple Terrace Elementary
    • Thompson Elementary
    • Thonotosassa Elementary
    • B.T. Washington Elementary
    • Witter Elementary
    • Woodson K-8
  • 5 Key Levers

2021-2022 Transformation Network Highlights

Transformation Network Schools Demographics

  • Demographics

    Demographics of Transformation Network Schools by:

    Students with Disabilities / Gifted
    ELL / Not ELL
    Free and Reduced Lunch Eligible / Not Eligible / Did Not Apply