Professional Standards

Overseeing Internal Affairs

  • Main Contact
    (813) 840-7135

    Professional Standards is a department within the Division of Human Resources. The department is comprised of a Senior Executive Officer, Executive Officer, Investigations Manager, Senior Investigator and 2 Investigators who are commissioned retired law enforcement officers from local law enforcement agencies.

  • Professional Standards is committed to providing essential support services to the Superintendent and all school district personnel by:

    • Maintaining high standards of ethics and professionalism in the areas of recruitment, selection, personnel records maintenance, labor relations, human resource management and administrative investigation.
    • Conducting internal investigations pertaining to complaints filed against employees.
    • Coordinating all law enforcement and CPI investigations against employees, volunteers, interns and JLA contractors/vendors.
    • Clearing backgrounds screening for all employees, volunteers, interns, and the Jessica Lunsford Act pertaining to contractors/vendors.
    • Managing arrest information for all employees, volunteers, contractors/vendors, and interns.
    • Ensuring Due Process for all employees covered under the CTA, ESP, HSEF contracts and all non-represented employees.
    • Managing disciplinary action taken against employees who engage in misconduct.
    • Applying School Board policies and procedures and eligible investigations on behalf of the Superintendent.