Referendum Details

What's next for our schools

  • Money will begin coming into our district this February, and work in our schools will begin soon afterward. Please bear in mind this is a ten-year referendum, with projects spread over those ten years as we receive the money, so the work can’t all be done overnight.

    Our existing maintenance crews will focus on high priority projects. We will start bringing in bids from outside vendors for larger projects such as fire alarm replacements, school repainting, and elevator upgrades and be able to begin the first phase of those in March and April.

    We are already doing a lot behind the scenes to get ready for major projects, including air conditioner and roof replacements. The first wave of those projects includes at least 20 air conditioners and millions of dollars in roof repairs. That work will largely take place over the summer, because we must have all our students and staff off campus as outside crews of sometimes more than 100 workers work nonstop through the summer to complete the projects.