• What is a Charter School?

    • Charter schools are independent public schools operated by a non-profit organization.
    • They hire their own teachers, design their own academic program, and control their own finances.
    • They have their own board of directors that make decisions for the school.
    • Some charter schools choose to hire a management company to support school functions.

    What must a Charter School do?

    • Ensure student health and safety is top priority.
    • Provide a curriculum that meets the Florida Standards and Sunshine State Standards.
    • Hire certified teachers.
    • Assess students in accordance with Florida's accountability assessments.
    • Safeguard taxpayer funding and exercise fiscal responsibility.

    Who oversees Charter Schools?

    • Charter schools are accountable to a Sponsor, which in Florida, is the local school district in which they reside.
    • The Charter Schools Office, at the direction of the Superintendent and the Hillsborough County School Board, provide direct oversight of local charter schools.
    • A charter school's non-profit Board of Directors is responsible for ultimate oversight and success of their school.

    Parents and Community members interested in information about a charter school may contact the school or visit the school's web site.

    Hillsborough County's Charter Schools Office

    The mission of the Charter Schools Office (CSO) is to develop, monitor, and support high performing charter schools through quality authorizing, oversight practices, and meaningful collaboration among all stakeholders.

    The vision of the CSO is to provide families with choices by authorizing the highest performing charter schools in the state.