Student Enrollment and Registration Checklist

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    We are excited you have chosen Hillsborough County Public Schools. We look forward to providing an education that supports your child in excelling as a successful and responsible citizen.

Steps for Registration

  • 1. Find your school using the school locator. School Locator>>

    2. Bring the following document to your school. You will need:

    Verification of Age (one of the following):

    • Birth certificate
    • Baptismal certificate showing date of birth, place of baptism, accompanied by parent’s affidavit;
    • Insurance policy on the child in force for at least two years;
    • Religious record of child’s birth accompanied by parent’s affidavit;
    • Passport or certificate of arrival in the United States.
    • School record at least four years’ prior, showing date of birth;
    • Parent’s affidavit accompanied by a certificate of examination from a health officer or physician verifying the child’s age (physical).

    To enter Kindergarten, your child must be 5 years or older on or before September 1. Children experiencing homelessness or in shelter care shall be given a temporary exemption from this section for 30 school days.

    Verification of Residency/ Domicile in Hillsborough County (Two of the following):

    • Current Florida driver’s license or identification
    • Utility bill (electric, water, gas) or a utility bill deposit receipt
    • Lease agreement, mortgage statement, rent receipt or property tax receipt.
    • Homestead exemption, warranty deed, or declaration of domicile
    • Transitioning Active-Duty Military Orders
    • Migrant Address Verification Letter from the Office of Migrant Education (migrant eligible students only)
    • If the family is in shared housing not related to economic hardship, two (2) of the above documents and SER Form C (Co-residing Form C) are required.

    Verification of Physical/ Immunization:

    A family must provide the following:

    Proof of physical examination by an approved licensed health care provider or the Hillsborough County Health Department, within 12 months prior to entry in Florida Schools (Form DH 3040) and

    Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680) or students may attend school without the Florida Certificate of Immunization if they have one of the following exemptions:

      1. Religious (Form DH 681),
      2. Temporary (Form DH 680, Part B)
      3. Medical (Form DH 680, Part C).

    Who Can Enroll?

    1. A biological parent as confirmed with a birth certificate.
    2. A court-appointed legal guardian as confirmed by a valid court document.
    3. Assigned guardianship by a parent confirmed on a caregiver affidavit, with the parent/guardian signature, a termination date and preferably notarized (not required by law).
    4. An adult exercising supervisory capacity of the student per FS 1000.21(5).

    Fla. Const. art. IX, §1(a), F.S. 1003.21, F.S. 1003.22, F.S. 39.0016, F.S. 381.0056, F.S. 381.0057, Board Policy 5112, 2431. Verification of residence may also be required at any other time at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee. A person who knowingly makes a false declaration is guilty of the crime of perjury by false written declaration, a felony of the third degree (FS 92.525). Per HCPS Policy 2431, students are not guaranteed the ability to participate in the athletic program if they transfer schools. NOTICE: HCPS may not prevent a child from enrolling in or attending school if the child does not have a social security number or the parent chooses not to provide the child’s social security number. Providing the child’s number is voluntary. Florida Statute 1008.386 (1)

    Hillsborough County Public School within District Transfer

    - Verification of residency as shown above. A student shall not be withdrawn from previous school until receiving school has confirmed transfer.

    Students who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence are eligible for McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, which allows for immediate enrollment. For a student, who is currently identified as McKinney-Vento eligible, only a new Student Enrollment Record is required.

    - If there is missing documentation in our student system, a current proof of physical examination and immunization is required.