Instructional Materials

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  • The Instructional Materials (IM) Department takes pride in supporting District level staff and school sites (Kindergarten – Adult Education) to ensure they have the most appropriate educational resources for effective teaching and learning. This is accomplished by:

    • Facilitating the budget development and monitoring spending of the District's annual IM allocation from the state of Florida, in accordance with State Statutes
    • Training and communicating processes for sites to effectively manage their IM assets, to include annual inventory
    • Facilitating the process for both state and county level IM adoption
    • Managing the redistribution of the District's in-adoption IM assets among sites
    • Coordinating the acquisition and delivery of IM for new sites
    • Implementing the process to best dispose of obsolete or out of adoption IM
    • Partnering with universities and community colleges to acquire and manage the process that provides IM for high school students participating in Dual Enrollment and Early Admission programs