Meeting the needs of expectant youth and teenage parents

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  • The Teenage Parent Program is a State mandated program designed to meet the needs of expectant youth and teenage parents by providing an opportunity for pregnant or parenting teens to receive child care services while providing an academic course of study that advances each student’s progress towards earning a high school diploma.

    The Teenage Parent Program connects parenting teens with child care services at no cost to the teen while attending school and earning a diploma. Pregnant and parenting teens have an option to remain at their neighborhood school or attend one of our site based teenage parent programs.

    Per federal and state law, pregnant and parenting students and their children shall be entitled to participate in teenage parent programs designed to provide comprehensive educational and ancillary services to facilitate the student’s completion of high school. Students participating in teenage parent programs shall be eligible for all services afforded to students enrolled in programs pursuant to Section 1003.54, Florida Statutes and Rules 6A-6.05221 and 6A-6.05291, F.A.C.

How to Enroll

  • To enroll in the Teenage Parent Program, the teenage parent may complete the application with a school base representative such as school social worker, school counselor, nurse, Assistant Principal, or District staff.