• At Hillsborough Schools, parents can choose from various schools based on their child’s interests and way of learning. Options can be based on location, curriculum, interests or system of learning (either brick-and-mortar or virtual schools, for example).

    Your Attendance Area School is the school zone assigned based on your home address. Find zoned school and enter your address to see the elementary, middle and high schools for which your child is zoned.

    Disclaimer: All school attendance boundaries are subject to change by School Board action. The maps and descriptions are provided for convenience only.

How do I go about choosing a school for my child?

  • If you wish for your children to attend the school where they are zoned, you do not need to do anything except register directly with that school. For Choice, Magnet or Choice Hardship schools, apply during open application periods. All School Choice and Career and Technical School applications are subject to a computer lottery to choose applicants.


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