• More than a job

Welcome to HCPS

  • Thank you for considering a career with Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS). Here at HCPS, we believe that work is more than just a job. We recognize and appreciate the value of each individual beyond their job title and are committed to fostering a culture of personal and professional development for all our employees. We aim to create a meaningful and fulfilling career experience for our employees, where they can build lasting connections and make a real impact.


    As the largest employer in Hillsborough County, we have a team of more than 24,000 dedicated professionals who are all committed to preparing more than 220,000 students for life. Join us and discover the satisfaction of a fulfilling career with Hillsborough County Public Schools.


    For questions regarding employment and applications, contact the Application Center at (813) 840-7181.


Hillsborough County Public Schools Jobs

  • School Counselors

  • School Nurses

  • School Psychologists

  • Social Workers

  • Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP)

Did You Know?

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools has been awarded a 5-year School Based Mental Health (SBMH) grant.

Danielle Clark, School Counselor

Christopher Marichal, School Psychologist

Judy Perez, School Nurse

Ron Lanigan, Speech-Language Pathologist

Serve the Transformation Network

  • Hillsborough County Transformation schools receive specialized resources based on their performance data. The HCPS Transformation Network includes 50 schools that receive these resources. These resources help schools employ innovative approaches, develop organizational talent and capacity, create high-achieving school cultures, enhance family involvement, and cultivate community partnerships. Learn more or apply here.

Military Veterans

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools is a military-friendly school district where we serve 4,000 military families. In addition to recruiting and hiring military veterans with a conferred bachelor’s degree, we are seeking military veterans who have some college credit and want to serve as teachers. Learn more about the Military Veterans Certification Pathway and apply for consideration.

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