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  • Monday Message

    This is Mr. Phillips, principal of Lutz K-8 School.  We hope all students have enjoyed the start of the school year and we are so excited to have students back on campus. 

    Every Friday will be college day.  Students and staff are invited to wear college gear to school!

    Thank you for your patience and understanding with arrival and dismissal as we start the school year.  We want to remind parents that drop off begins at 7:10 A.M.  As you drop off students in the morning, please be sure to pull all the way up to help expedite our traffic process. Drop-off in the morning takes place at an elementary pick-up point for all students. Once our buses have cleared, we open the front drop-off area for vehicles.  Please be reminded dismissal is at 2:10 P.M. and 1:10 P.M. on Mondays.  It would be best for middle school parents to arrive after 2:15 P.M. as this would help to expedite our dismissal.  If you are a middle school parent who arrives prior to 2:15 P.M., please follow the elementary pick-up point line and pull into the grass and staff will inform you when it is time to move to the middle school pick-up point location.  Please know that child safety is first and foremost.  This helps to ensure safety for all stakeholders and ensures the carline continues to move smoothly. We are asking all parents to adhere to right turns only when exiting onto U.S. Highway 41.  This helps to assist with traffic back-up into the school and will help to ensure a quicker dismissal process. 

    During dismissal, all parents picking up students should utilize the elementary or middle school pick-up point line.  Only pre-k parents can walk up and pick up their students.  All other families should remain in their vehicles and pick students up in line.  This is to ensure safety and help to continue the flow of traffic smoothly. 

    Lutz K-8 school will remain a closed campus to ensure the safety and security of staff and students.  We do have staff members present at drop-off locations to assist with ensuring your students arrive to their classrooms safely.  If you are walking students up to the front of the school, please drop them off near the gates to keep our campus secure.  We appreciate your attention and understanding to this matter.

    Don’t forget to join our PTSA for the 2022-2023 school year. Parents can go to to sign-up.  On the website you can access information on ordering spirit gear for this school year.  Attached to this email is the Backpack Express from PTSA. 

    Once again, this is Mr. Phillips principal at Lutz K-8 school and each day is a new day of learning for leopards!

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