Resiliency, Character and Life Skills Education in Florida

  • "Florida is teaching kids the skills to learn how to overcome challenges." First Lady Casey DeSantis 

    The First Lady spearheaded the nation-leading education initiative with input from conversations with students across the state, as well as school district mental health coordinators, teachers, faculty, and parents. The State Board adopted an amendment to its rule which revises references to the state’s academic standards and updates the existing five-hour mental health education and character education components of required classroom instruction in grades 6–12. Aligning these two required components uniquely connects the concepts of student readiness, resiliency, and, when necessary, response and recovery.

    Building Resiliency Education Standards

    Resiliency Education Standards

Buidling Resiliency in Florida Timeline and Snapshot

    • Beginning in 2019-20, every Florida public school is required to provide students in grades 6-12 at least five hours of mental health instruction each year (updated to Resiliency Education, Civic and Character Education, and Life Skills Education.) 
    • In February 2021, First Lady DeSantis launched a Resiliency initiative for Florida schools to emphasize key character development skills, including volunteerism, teamwork and problem solving. 
    • In July 2021, the State Board of Education (SBOE) adopted new student performance standards that strengthened Florida’s already nationally recognized education standards, including standards for Character Education and Substance Abuse Prevention. 
    • In November 2021, First Lady DeSantis and Governor DeSantis announced the anti-drug campaign, “The Facts. Your Future.” This statewide initiative directly engages youth in Florida to improve their understanding of the life-altering effects of drug abuse and empowers teens to reach their full potential. 
    • In October 2022, First Lady DeSantis strengthened the Resiliency initiative further at the SBOE meeting. The SBOE approved rule revisions to initiate a first in the nation approach to connecting the concepts of students’ readiness, resiliency and, when necessary, response and recovery. The approach updates Mental Health Instruction to Resiliency Education, Civic and Character Education, and Life Skills Education.
    • In March 2023, Updated character standards in the form of resiliency standards that include a focus on volunteerism, problem solving, critical thinking, compassion, and grit.

    • In March 2023,Tools created specifically for parents interested in learning what resources are available to help their children.

Characteristics of Resiliency Education aligned to Rule 6A-1.094124, F.A.C

    • Empathy
    • Perseverance
    • Grit and Gratitude
    • Responsibility
    • Critical Thinking 
    • Problem Solving 
    • Responsible Decision-Making
    • Self-Awareness & Self-Management 
    • Mentorship & Citizenship 
    • Honesty