HCPS Seal of Fine Arts

  • Fine Arts SealInitiated in 2024 following the passage of HB 523, the goals of the Hillsborough County Public Schools Seal of Fine Arts are as follows:

    • celebrate students who demonstrate high levels of commitment and proficiency in the fine arts (as defined in Florida Statute 1003.4995 including dance, music, theatre, and visual arts) through personal expression and creative experiences in fine arts education programs
    • explore innovative pathways in the fine arts that cultivate skills for 21st-century success
    • prepare students for college and career readiness through active participation in artistic endeavors
    • promote increased access to well-rounded, high-quality fine arts education across the district

    The HCPS Seal of Fine Arts designates graduating seniors who have dedicated a significant portion of their high school journey to the study and pursuit of excellence in their fine arts field. 

    The information below offers a full description of this honor as well as how students can qualify, what needs to be submitted, and the link for the application (submission window will open on February 1, 2025).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the following content area supervisors:

    Ashlee Capucci, Dance - ashlee.capucci@hcps.net

    Laura Hobby, Art and Theatre - laura.hobby@hcps.net

    Jon Sever, Music - jon.sever@hcps.net

Student Requirements to Qualify for the HCPS Seal of Fine Arts: 24-25 School Year

  • To qualify for the 2024-2025 Seal of Fine Arts, a student will earn the following:

    1. A standard high school diploma
    2. Successful completion of at least three annual courses in dance, music, theatre, or visual arts with a grade of “A” or higher
    3. A minimum of two of the following requirements
      • Successful completion of a fine arts International Baccalaureate, advanced placement, dual enrollment, or honors course in the subjects listed above with a grade of “B” or higher
      • Participation in a district or statewide organization’s juried event as a selected student participant for two or more years
      • Fulfillment of at least 25 volunteer hours of arts-related community services in the community with a comprehensive presentation on the experience
      • Requirements met in a portfolio-based program identifying the student as an exemplary practitioner of the fine arts
      • Recipient of district, state or national recognition for the creation and submission of an original work of art (musical or theatrical composition, visual artwork, or choreographed routine or performance)

    For qualifying fine arts course options, please see the Florida Department of Education course code directory at 2024-2025 Course Directory (fldoe.org)

Submission Process for Seal of Fine Arts Materials

  • Application and supporting materials will be submitted via the application survey. The application window for the Seal of Fine Arts will be open from February 1 - March 14, 2025. Prior to completing the application, you will need to ensure you have possession of your most current transcript and copies of your volunteer hours log (if applicable). 

    2024 HCPS Seal of Fine Arts Submission Spreadsheet

    HCPS Seal of Fine Arts Application

    The submission window for this award will open on February 1, 2025 at which time the application above will be linked.