educators and professionals

Overseeing Internal Affairs

  • Professional Standards is a department within the Division of Human Resources. The department is comprised of a Senior Executive Officer, Executive Officer, Investigations Manager, Senior Investigator and 2 Investigators who are commissioned retired law enforcement officers from local law enforcement agencies.

    Professional Standards is committed to providing essential support services to the Superintendent and all school district personnel by:

    • Maintaining high standards of ethics and professionalism in the areas of recruitment, selection, personnel records maintenance, labor relations, human resource management and administrative investigation.
    • Conducting internal investigations pertaining to complaints filed against employees.
    • Coordinating all law enforcement and CPI investigations against employees, volunteers, interns and JLA contractors/vendors.
    • Clearing backgrounds screening for all employees, volunteers, interns, and the Jessica Lunsford Act pertaining to contractors/vendors.
    • Managing arrest information for all employees, volunteers, contractors/vendors, and interns.
    • Ensuring Due Process for all employees covered under the CTA, ESP, HSEF contracts and all non-represented employees.
    • Managing disciplinary action taken against employees who engage in misconduct.
    • Applying School Board policies and procedures and eligible investigations on behalf of the Superintendent.