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Grants and Research

  • The Grants & Research Operations (GRO) office facilitates the development of all discretionary state, federal, and foundation grants for the district, while providing technical assistance for other grant-related district initiatives. All grants for which the district applies align to the School Board of Hillsborough County’s Strategic Plan and are developed in collaboration with appropriate district and/or community stakeholders. GRO also works in collaboration with personnel from the offices of Strategy Management and Special Revenue to provide technical assistance to grant Project Directors for the life of their grants. Furthermore, GRO facilitates obtaining letters of support signed by the Superintendent for district partners pursuing mutually beneficial grant projects.

    Adhering to the Superintendent’s Guidelines for District and School Level Grants, GRO provides listings of potential current grant opportunities that school-based personnel may consider for funding innovative programs at their sites. Finally, GRO provides technical assistance to HCPS educators who are in the process of applying for grants.