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    The Department of Social Studies not only includes the content of history, civics, government, economics and geography but we also include world languages and dual language programs.  Social studies plays an important role in the development of well-educated people. It prepares students to be personally and socially aware, promotes multiple perspectives, encourages intellectual curiosity, incorporates critical thinking skills, reinforces a broad range of communication skills, charges students to assume responsibility for positive change and civic action, and challenges them to imagine and create a better world. 

    Our curriculum is defined by the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Social Studies and the Language Arts Florida Standards. 

    Each year students learn developmentally appropriate content that is delivered following a pacing guide so that students are exposed to all four social studies strands each year.  The four social studies strands are: History, Civics & Government, Economics and Geography.   

    The World Languages program is committed to preparing students in becoming responsible global citizens. This is accomplished by the implementation of a curriculum that deepens a student’s cultural awareness and an increased level of language proficiency. Emphasis is placed on authentic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the target language. This pedagogical approach offers the student the opportunity to be competitive in the growing global economy.

    The Dual Language Immersion Program is designed to teach standards-based academic content and literacy in both the Spanish and English languages. The goal of the is to develop bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural students who appreciate diverse cultures.