• The Elementary Music Department provides support to district school personnel, students, parents and the community regarding the Elementary Music curriculum and performance ensembles. 

    Students in grades 1-5 receive general music instruction for a minimum of 60 minutes per week. The district curriculum follows the Florida State Standards for Music and promotes music literacy. Students in music class sing, play instruments, perform purposeful movement, analyze music, and create music. Our district has adopted Quaver Music as our digital curriculum and this tool is utilized in our coursework. 

    In conjunction with music standards, schools may offer a variety of musical ensembles for student participation such as: 

    • Chorus 
    • Mallet Percussion 
    • Handbells 
    • World Drumming 
    • Guitars 
    • Recorders 
    • Rock Band 

Young Songwriters Symposium


Fine Arts Festival