Theatre Education Overview

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  • Hillsborough County Public School district boasts an incredibly strong Theatre Education Department. The Art Education currently spanning services from grades 6 to 12, offering opportunity to make connections in a number of ways. Through curriculum and community support for students, parents, educators and administration, the district Theatre Education Department ensures that diverse and well-rounded opportunities are provided to all students enrolled in the theatrical arts.

    Middle and high school students have a large variety of semester and annual courses to choose from when deciding their courses each academic year. This includes curriculum embedded with skills that include research, exploration, design, technical theatre and theatre history in addition to performance and presentation expectations. Key elements of all curriculum include the importance of theatre as a collaborative art, the importance of reflective practices and Social Emotional Learning. SEL allows students to practice real world skills like creative problem solving, critical thinking, cultural awareness, detailed communication skills and seeing how they both fit and contribute to their world. By reinforcing world-applicable skills and supporting their social emotional learning, students involved in theatre education programs are more likely to be goal oriented, have improved academic performance, make more supported decisions and hold stronger self-advocacy skills through personal voice.

    Self-expression, collaboration, communication and critical thinking: theatre education defined!