Welcome to Non-Traditional Programs

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    The mission of the HCPS non-traditional programs is to equip students with the tools needed for future endeavors. Our Career & Technical Education Programs and Success Centers allow students to become familiar and prepared for life after graduation.
    We work individually with our students to help them develop the confidence and fortitude needed to adapt to an ever changing society, through personalized academics social development.

Educational Programs

  • Exceptional Student Education Centers are designed to assist students with varied exceptionalities with accomplishing personal and academic goals while preparing for graduation and life.
    Provides students who have had difficulty in the traditional school setting with opportunities to continue on a successful academic path while also improving attendance and behavior with an end goal of returning to their traditional setting.
    Acceleration Academics (Career Centers) allow students to focus and earn certifications in a variety of industries which include, agriculture, auto mechanics, culinary arts, plumbing , construction, and a host of medical vocations, while working towards graduation in a smaller academic environment.
    (DJJ- Department of Juvenile Justice Programs) Provides academic services to students who have been placed in the juvenile justice system by the courts. Academic Services are rendered at a variety of sites preparing students for graduation as well as offering academic transitions for students to return to traditional schools.