STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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  • Engaging in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lessons, activities, and extra-curriculars allow students of all ages to develop skills they will use in school and throughout their future career. These skills include problem solving, critical thinking, collaborating, communicating and many more.

    Our STEM vision in Hillsborough County Public schools is that (1) ALL students will utilize STEM skills in their everyday environment to solve real-life problems using engineering principles and design thinking and (2) ALL students will be immersed in competitions and events that afford the opportunity to enjoy STEM while applying concepts learned in the classroom.

    Our approach to STEM education includes utilizing a network of collaborative partnerships including institutes of higher education, business partners, philanthropic organizations, and many STEM-rich cultural institutions. Through the use of experiential hands-on learning and cross-curricular collaborations between Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Career and Technical Education, we ready the students of HCPS for college and career success.

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