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  • Through a unique partnership with Generate Capital, which invests in projects that reduce environmental impact, and McKinstry, an engineering and contracting firm that designs sustainable solutions to improve energy performance, Hillsborough County Public Schools is taking control of our facility needs. We are doing this by prioritizing and focusing on energy conservation and cost savings to create the most comfortable teaching and learning environments in Hillsborough County.

    Over the next twenty-five years, through this partnership, our district expects to reduce energy spending by more than 30%, improve learning environments, create resilient buildings, and build student and community engagement with no upfront cost.

    Apart from improving lighting, HVAC system optimization, and energy management, this partnership will also equip our students and district employees with the education and awareness needed to make an impact in the world—and provides them with the tools necessary to be part of the energy-saving solution.

    "There is no other school district that has a partnership like this.  It is a unique opportunity to look at how we can save money.  The dollars that go into paying our power bill and utilities are all classroom general fund dollars, so any money we don't spend and save on electricity goes directly into the classroom--pays our teachers,supports our students." -- Chris Farkas, Chief Operating Officer

Our Goals

    • Energy Goals listed on graphicReduce energy use and overall maintenance and operations cost by 20%
    • Provide a comfortable. clean and safe learning environment
    • Create a culture of environmental stewardship across the district
    • Utilize energy conservation, efficiency, and optimization globally recognized best practices
    • Save $12,000,000 annual savings from combined energy management, capital improvements and efficiency projects.

    This multi-layered improvement project is already realizing significant achievements in energy efficiency, cost savings, increased comfort, and student engagement.

McKinstry’s Approach

  • Student Engagement

    McKinstry supports the district in all capacities related to energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental stewardship through a systematic approach to address all components of successful school district operations. McKinstry’s powerED model focuses on operations Performance, Processes, and the People that are involved. 

    McKinstry Supporting HCPS Goals

    “For the last several years, Hillsborough County Public Schools has engaged with Generate and McKinstry for energy, efficiency and sustainability efforts.  Together, we've made many great strides to improve infrastructure and reduce our carbon footprint in the county.”   

    -Jesse Sycuro, McKinstry, Operations Director - National Technical Services