Supporting the Needs of Gifted Students throughout HCPS

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  • Philosophy

    In Hillsborough County Public Schools Gifted Department there is a commitment to form a collaboration between educators, parents, and students by creating a culture that will prepare gifted students for life and develop their full potential.  This is done by providing an enriched, individualized, and strength-based curriculum to meet the specific academics, intellectual, leadership, creative, social, and emotional needs of gifted students.  It is delivered by teachers who understand and value gifted students and have been specifically trained to identify and meet the learning needs of the gifted. 

  • Gifted Program Services

    Gifted program services are available for students who meet Florida’s criteria for classification as gifted. In Florida, students who are considered gifted are those with superior intellectual development who are capable of high performance. Services for gifted students are designed to provide enrichment and/or acceleration opportunities aligned with the student’s Gifted Education Plan (EP). The process for gifted identification includes screening, referral, and evaluation. Parents who suspect their child may be gifted may contact the school’s guidance counselor to initiate the identification process. 


    • Identify gifted students, especially among underrepresented populations, to ensure equity and access to gifted programming.
    • Meet the learning needs of K-12 gifted students through a differentiated curriculum designed to focus on learning strengths.
    • Enhance the capacity of teachers who serve gifted students through training, support, and leadership development opportunities.
    • Facilitate advocacy among stakeholders to strengthen individualized education that will meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of gifted students.