Welcome to the Department of Family and Community Engagement

  •  Welcome to the Hillsborough County Public Schools! Our district’s Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Department is the lead resource for promoting the development of strong, innovative, and collaborative partnerships to offer a variety of approaches to engage in education.

    Our mission is to meaningfully engage families & the community, and empower them to become partners, leaders and advocates, in support of our public schools.

    As we build and strengthen pre-existing initiatives, and launch new and robust projects, our work with schools, families, and community members and organizations, will be centered around three major pillars. Our priority areas of focus include the following core strategies:

    1. Capacity
      Build the capacity to work with schools, families and the community through training, technical assistance, public awareness, and information management.
    2. Collaboration
      Increase educational support & family efficacy through authentic family engagement, relations and partnerships
    3. Commitment
      Expand community resources supporting Hillsborough County Public Schools, through effective, sustainable partnerships, and specialized projects and development

    Our team looks forward to working with you, to maximize family and community support as we collectively strive, to Accelerate Hillsborough!

    Warm Regards,

    Dr. Felita Lewis
    Executive Director
    Family and Community Engagement
    Follow us on Twitter - @HCPS_FACE

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    Dr. Felita Lewis
    Executive Director
    Family and Community Engagement
    Phone: (813) 272-4831
    Email: felita.lewis@hcps.net