Middle School Program Information

      • Purpose
        The School District of Hillsborough County offers an affordable, high quality, fee-based after-school program for the middle school-aged child. What children do during non-school hours has a critical impact on school achievement and long-term success. Through the use of certified teachers, each program will provide a safe and caring environment, as well as a highly focused academic schedule. The middle school-aged child’s need for various other enrichment activities will also be a component of the program.

        Hours of Operation
        Program Standard Hours of Operation are:
        7:30 AM (times may vary per site) – start of school
        School Dismissal - 6:00 PM - School Days (M-F)
        The program will be open on early release days from 2:15 - 6:00 PM.

        Late pick-up fees will be charged as follows
        $5.00/15 Minutes - Meaning a 6:30 pm pick=up time would result in $10.00 worth of late fees. Habitual tardiness in pick-up of students will result in the dismissal from the program. Law enforcement and/or child abuse authorities may be contacted to initiate abandoned child procedures if the parent/guardian does not notify their school's HOST program before 6:30 PM.

        Parents and/or guardians will be notified of all medical emergencies. If the parent cannot be reached, the instructor will take proper necessary action.


      • Homework/Tutoring Time
        At least 60 minutes is set aside in a quiet location conducive to task completion. Teacher are available to assist with homework, projects, test/quiz review with emphasis on FCAT.

        Snack Time
        At least 15 minutes will be allocated for the consumption of healthy snacks. Milk, juice and snacks are provided by the HOST Program.

        Recreational Activities
        Supervised, organized and sequential activities in the school gym and outside.

        Activities such as games, art, music, sports, computer lab and cooking are throughout the middle school program keeping in mind the program budget. HOST Program staff members are responsible for the supervision and safety of the children during enrichment activities.