Employment Information

  • The School Board of Hillsborough County and its approved board policies provide the framework under which all afterschool programs operate. All persons working in the HOST Program must meet all specified requirements for employment by Hillsborough County Public Schools. In accordance with Jessica Lunsford Act, any person employed must be fingerprinted and undergo a full criminal background check. All processing procedures must be completed at the Instructional Services Center prior to beginning work.

    In the school year 2012-2013, there are 113 elementary sites and 36 middle sites with programs operated at school centers by School District staff. All employees have a High School Diploma/GED or proof of highest college level.

Afterschool Philosophy

  • The purpose of Hillsborough Out of School Time is to guide and safe guard children and provide a program which meets the fundamental needs of growth and development common to all children. The program provides a safe, happy growing-up experience to meet those needs when the child is away from home. It is important that children be given the best possible opportunities to grow into healthy, well-adjusted and responsible adults.

Afterschool Program Description

  • The afterschool program should provide a structured, safe, and enriching program for all Hillsborough County School District elementary and middle students. Afterschool programs may include:

    • Academic enrichment and intervention through engaging interactive instruction
    • Social/emotional development
    • Cultural arts exposure and enrichment
    • Recreational and leisure activities

    Quality programs provide for family and student needs for out-of-school time before and after school hours.

Afterschool Hours

  • For schools operating from 8:00 am to 2:00pm, afterschool program choices are:

    • Full-time program (Dismissal to 6:00pm)
    • Before-school program (6:30 am to 7:30 am)

    Afterschool is a quality enrichment program, located in a safe setting, offering scheduled academic and special activities, and cannot accommodate occasional drop-in service. Students must be enrolled and tuition must be paid weekly for any of the above programs.


  • The HOST Program hires at a 1:25 ratio (students per staff member). If you are interested in working with the HOST Program you MUST be able to complete the following duties.

    • All HOST Program Aides must hold a High School Diploma or equivalent or currently enrolled in a credited educational or vocation program.
    • All HOST Program Aides must be at least 18 years old or enrolled in an OJT (on the job training) program through their high school.
    • All HOST employees must be available to work during operating hours (Dismissal to 6:00pm).
    • All HOST employees must have the ability to be receptive to supervision and to work harmoniously with students and staff.
    • All HOST employees must provide teaching materials, learning activities, enrichment activities and games with students of all ages.
    • All Host employees must maintain confidentiality and professionalism regarding school affairs.

    All employees must complete the following in-service training:

    • HOST Orientation Training
    • First Aide / CPR / AED
    • Introduction in Child Care
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Health Safety and Nutrition
    • School Age

Daily Activities

  • Afterschool programs will include the following daily plan of activities: (All HOST employees must provide all students' individualized and small group instruction).

    1. Homework completion time of at least one-half hour. If this service is provided through age grouping, students with no homework may work on other active learning projects brought from home or provided by afterschool. These materials should be age-appropriate reading, math, science, geography, match games, puzzles, or other activities. A location must be provided that is conducive for task completion. Homework assistance must be provided.
    2. An indoor snack time of a minimum of 15 minutes.
    3. A minimum of 30 minutes must be set aside three times a week for academic enrichment. District-developed academic initiatives provide options in all curricular areas. Computerized educational programs, reading, math, science initiatives, educational games, story time, educational movies, or other academics are other choices. The schedule for academics should be flexible so each student may participate. A balance of creative educational activities in reading, writing, math, science, and geography games, computer software, and hands-on activities should be developed.
    4. A minimum of 30 minutes in every three (3) hour block of time must be set aside for outdoor physical play.
    5. Programs must exhibit a variety of other activities using the designated classrooms (i.e. cafeteria, computer labs, media centers, art rooms, and music rooms). Classroom space must be provided to supply appropriate and suitable space. It is recognized that the school facilities are the property of the District and therefore may be designated by the principal for use by the afterschool program.
    6. All programs must provide scheduling for all of the above and for additional clubs that may be offered on a rotating schedule (e.g. 4H Clubs, Wellness, Chess Club, Cooking Club, Drama Club, Science Club, and other clubs). All clubs must have an afterschool staff member in attendance at all times. This schedule should be flexible and work on a rotating basis when necessary. All afterschool staff and parents must have access to schedules. Documentation must be kept with each week's schedule followed by each activity's lesson plans. This documentation will be used in program assessment by District personnel. Afterschool activities are to be creative in nature. Activities should be as hands-on as possible to stimulate learning. Music and dance offerings should reflect student interests. Programs should provide a variety of high interest / age appropriate activities for the students involved. Creative work should be displayed. There should be ongoing student recognition.

How to Apply for HOST

  • Step One: Complete an online application (Follow the steps outlined on the Personnel Services: How to Apply page)
    Step Two: Call the HOST Administrative Office at 813-744-8941 ext. 313. Tell the operator you would like to apply for a position working for the HOST program. You will then be asked pre-interview questions.
    Step Three: The pre-interview questions will be given to the manager for the area that you live in. When the manager has positions available, you will receive a phone call to set up an interview.