SLAM Showcase

  • The Student Literacy and Media (SLAM) Showcase is a district K-12 event celebrating reading! Students at participating schools read books from their grade level Florida award nominated lists (Florida Reading Association, Sunshine State Young Readers and Florida Teens Read), then create Videos, 2D Artwork or other 2D creative expressions connected to the book (or books) they read. Schools celebrate and showcase all of their students’ works at a school site event and select 1 piece from each category to be showcased at the district event in the Spring. The district SLAM Showcase features a film & art festival of student works, as well as author presentations & signings.

Featured Authors

Grades K-2

  • Matthew Cordell

    Matthew Cordell

    Cornbread & Poppy bookcover by Matthew Cordell

    cornbread & poppy

Grades 6-8

  • photo of author Zoraida Cordova
    Zoraida Cordova

    Valentina Salazar book cover by Zoraide Cordova

    Valentina Salazar

Grades 3-5

  • Chantel Acevedo

    Chantel Acevedo

    The Curse on Spectacle Key book cover by Cahntel Acevedo

    The Curse on Spectacle Key

Grades 9-12

  • Lamar Giles

    Lamar Giles

    The Getaway book cover by Lamar Giles

    The Getaway