Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a Library Media Specialist in Hillsborough County Public Schools?

    The library media specialist position is an instructional position which requires a specialized education and experience in both teaching and library science, and a FL Teaching Certification in Educational Media PK-12. Consult these resources for more information:

    HCPS Requirements for New Media Specialists 

    HCPS Media Specialist Job Description

     How does one communicate a concern regarding a school library media material? 

    All reading materials, recommendations, and reading lists from the library media center are self-selected and choice-based, not required reading.  Students' reading selections from the library media center are always at the discretion of the student and their family.  Should a family or community member have a concern regarding a library media center material or library media center list, the school's library media specialist is available to hear those concerns, and if requested, provide custom reading recommendations based on the students interests and family's priorities. If desired, the library media specialist can also provide information on the HCPS Reconsideration of School Media Materials procedures.  Within 7 workdays of receipt of a completed copy of the Request for Reconsideration of School Media Materials form, the school's Educational Media Materials Committee convenes to review the challenged material. Committee members then read (or view) the material in its entirety, review the completed Request for Reconsideration of School Materials, consult professional review and academic resources to weigh the merits against alleged faults in light of the material as a whole. The committee will determine the extent to which the material meets the HCPS Criteria for Selection to reach a school decision. A decision report will be prepared and sent to the complainant within 30 days of the committee convening.