Overview of School Health Services 

  • School-based health services are provided to all students in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Services are provided in accordance with the School Health Services Plan (pursuant to section 381.0056, Florida Statutes) jointly developed by Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS), the Department of Health (DOH), Hillsborough, school health advisory committee (SHAC), and public/private partners. 

    School health services assure that HCPS students are healthy, in the classroom, and ready to learn. School health services supplement, rather than replace, parental responsibility and encourage parents’ attention to students' health. The program is designed to encourage parental awareness of students’ health status. Student health is promoted through prevention, early intervention, and referral for treatment of acute or chronic health problems. School health services enable students to attend school in a safe learning environment and reduce health barriers to learning.

    Statutory Program Requirements Section 381.0056, Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code Rule 64-F provide the statutory authority and rules to plan, implement and monitor school health services provided in Florida schools. HCPS school health program include: health appraisal, records review, nurse assessment, preventive dental program, vision screening, hearing screening, scoliosis screening, growth and development screening, health counseling, referral and follow up of suspected or confirmed health problems, meeting emergency needs in each school, medication administration and medical procedures, prevention of communicable diseases, health education curriculum development, referral of students to appropriate health treatment, consultation with students’ parents/guardian regarding need for health attention by an appropriate provider, and maintenance of student health information. 

    The information on this page is intended to assist parents, schools and health professionals in providing health services in the school setting. Health services include School Nurses (Registered Nurses), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP’s), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s), Health Assistants and a Pediatrician/ Medical Doctor are an integral part of the school, ensuring the health and safety of students and staff. The health needs of students today have increased in scope and complexity.

    Assuring adherence to mandates concerning health promotion, maintenance and screenings is a responsibility of health services. School Nurses provide child specific training, monitoring and nursing services needed during the school day. Assessments of individual and school-wide health problems are provided by nurse practitioners or the medical doctor in School Health Services. Prevention and responses to communicable or infectious outbreaks are coordinated in collaboration with Hillsborough County Health Department and Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Withhold/Decline School Health Care Services - HB 1557 (Parent Bill of Rights)

  • As a parent/guardian, if you choose to decline any or all health services offered, please complete the Withhold/Decline School Health Care Services Form. After printing and completing the form, please sign and submit the form to the school nurse at your child's school. This form must be completed annually.