Hillsborough Virtual K-12 Part Time

  • Elementary
    Working with your Assistant Principal at your physical school, students are able to replace an in‐class subject with an online class or choose to take all core subjects online and “specials—PE, Art & Music” at your zoned school. Due to the specific policies and schedule constraints that vary from school to school, it is important for families to talk with their Assistant Principal when researching this option.

  • Middle and High School Students

    • HVK12+ Part Time offers online courses for students in grades 6-12 to enhance their education while enrolled at their physical school of attendance.
    • Students registered at a Hillsborough County Middle School or High School can enroll. Registered Home Education students can enroll.
    • Students can take fewer classes in the day and replace them with online classes or supplement their schedules with additional classes above and beyond their school day.
    • Students can enhance their education by taking Advanced, Honors, and Advanced Placement courses. Acceleration programs are also available.
    • With HVK12+ Part Time, students can fulfill their online graduation requirement.
    • Opportunities are available for course retakes, additional elective offerings, flexible scheduling, and earning Industry Certification.
    • Tiffany Francis – Tiffany.Francis@hcps.net – (813) 983-7278 ext. 305