Substitute Teachers

  • Kelly Education
    Since 2014, Kelly Education, in partnership with Hillsborough County Public Schools, supplies and manages the substitute teacher workforce. This site provides you with information regarding our company, how to become a substitute teacher, and the partnership between Hillsborough County Public Schools and Kelly Education.

    Our school district has a contract with a 75-year-old company, Kelly Education, to provide substitute teachers in our schools. Kelly Education directly oversees the hiring, training, and scheduling of substitutes, guided by our district’s policies and procedures.


    • Kelly Education has developed a specialized hiring process for educators, which includes tests that pre-screen anyone who applies (before the hiring process even starts), followed by an in-depth behavioral interview, background check, fingerprint screening, education verification, and previous employer reference checking.
    • Retired Hillsborough County principals who now work for Kelly Education go out daily to observe substitutes in classrooms and evaluate their work.


    • Substitutes complete 4 modules of training before they are even considered for hiring. That training includes scenarios in a classroom setting. After hiring, additional training (250+ courses) is also available to all substitutes. These trainings go more in-depth into what is expected in their position working in our district. 
    • Advanced training is also available in classroom management, bullying prevention, Exceptional Student Education, teaching technology, code of ethics, and courses that start substitutes toward a full teacher certification or master’s degree.  This training is conducted by former educators.

    Since our district started using Kelly Education to directly oversee substitutes, our “fill rate” – the number of classroom openings that are filled by substitutes – has increased significantly. This leads to a more consistent educational environment for students.

    Each year, more than 300 of Kelly’s top substitutes go on to be hired and trained by our district as full-time teachers. Nearly 7 out of every 8 substitutes hold bachelor’s degrees. Many of the substitutes are retired teachers, and others are professionals interested in the field of education who are getting to know our schools and students.

    To learn more about and apply to become a substitute, please call (813) 518-5999.