What is a Transformation School and What is the Transformation Network?

  • Transformation schools receive focused resources and supports based on performance data.  The HCPS Transformation Network consists of 50 schools currently receiving these focused resources and supports. These resources and supports strengthen each school’s ability to engage in innovative approaches that create equitable access to high quality instructional practices, develop organizational talent and capacity through intentional professional development, develop high achieving collaborative school cultures, enhance the empowerment of family involvement and create community partnerships.



  • Shaylia McRae, Chief of TransformationGreetings, in only the second year of the Transformation Network’s existence, our team of dedicated teachers, staff, coaches, and administrators has continued to raise the bar for our highest need schools and has continued to do whatever is necessary to ensure a worldclass education for every child in our community. Dealing with the tail-end of a global pandemic, and the residual challenges of learning loss and social-emotional stressors, our Network has continued to will growth and positive results in our schools and among our students and families. This report offers a snapshot of what has been a fantastic year for our Network, but it also provides a celebration of the people and teams that made it all possible. We are especially proud of our teachers, administrators, frontline staff, and our Transformation team for their tireless efforts to dramatically accelerate student achievement during the 21-22 school year. Over the last two years, the Transformation Network of Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) has driven increases in school grades at 41 of 46 schools. The Network has reduced D and F schools in Hillsborough County by 83% and seen 6 schools grow by at least two letter grades in two years. We are inspired by what these improvements mean for ensuring educational equity for all children in our community. And make no mistake, the improvements we have achieved in our most vulnerable schools over the last two years are unprecedented and rivals the success of any school turnaround effort in state history.

    Shaylia McRae, Deputy Superintendent of Academics and Transformation 

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