School Board Electoral Boundary Redistricting


    R​edistricting is the process of drawing boundaries for political districts in the United States and is usually done every 10 years after the decennial census. The redistricting process re-balances districts to account for population shifts, thus ensuring equal representation.

    Section 1001.36, F.S., requires that School Board Member districts be “divided into at least five district school board member residence areas, which shall be numbered one to five, inclusive, and which shall, as nearly as practicable, be equal in population” and such changes may only be amended in odd-numbered years. It is best practice to redraw the boundaries when there is a ten percent or greater disparity in population.

    The 2020 Census data indicates that School Board Member districts have grown disproportionately over the past decade, thereby requiring redistricting in 2021 to achieve greater equality between districts. The Census data needed for redistricting is usually released by the Census Bureau in March following the decennial Census, or March 2021. However, due to the impacts of COVID-19, the data was delayed, creating a compressed redistricting timeline.

    Population per 2020 Census

    Hillsborough County Public Schools’ Growth Management department reached out to Hillsborough County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) team to assist with providing the School Board with three scenarios for the reapportionment of the single member districts. The mapping criteria includes:

    • Community integrity (keeping neighborhoods together)
    • Population
    • Maintaining minority demographic balance (37.3% African American or greater, District 5 - 2020 Census Data)
    • Ethnicity Breakdown (ethnic and racial breakdown)



Color District Name
Pink 1 Nadia Combs
Gold 2 Stacy Hahn
Blue 3 Jessica Vaughn
Green 4 Melissa Snively
Purple 5 Henry “Shake” Washington

Districts 6 and 7 are County-Wide

District Name
6 Karen Perez
7 Lynn Gray

Redistricting Maps

Population/Demographic Data

  • The district recognizes outside groups may wish to submit another map for consideration. We ask that ALL maps be submitted to a School Board Member. Each Board Member can submit one map for consideration by the full Board. If Board members are interested in submitting a map to be analyzed by County GIS, the map must be e-mailed to the Chief of Operations by Wednesday, November 3rd. Once the map is verified that it meets the criteria, it will be posted online and included in the Community Connection meetings. 

    Community Connection Meetings

    Hillsborough County Public Schools will hold five Community Connection meetings to update our constituents on the academic state of our district, discuss our new strategic plan, and identify areas to improve our practice. In addition, district staff will discuss School Board Redistricting, allow the public to review proposed maps, and capture community feedback.

    Graphic of Community town hall meetings

Date District Location Address Time
Tuesday, November 9 District 1 Sickles High School 7950 Gunn Highway, Tampa 6:00 pm
Monday, November 15 District 3 Wharton High School 20150 Bruce B. Downs, Tampa 6:00 pm
Wednesday, November 17 District 2 Lennard High School 2342 E. Shell Point Rd., Ruskin 6:00 pm
Monday, November 29 District 4 Durant High School 4748 Cougar Path, Plant City 6:00 pm
Thursday, December 9 District 5 Middleton High School 4801 N. 22nd St., Tampa 6:00 pm
  • The format of the Community Connection Meetings will be as follows:

    • 6:00-7:00 p.m.- Superintendent Davis to share information on 5-year Strategic Plan;
    • 7:00-7:30 p.m.- Redistricting – District staff to discuss redistricting, allow the public to review proposed maps, and capture community feedback.

    Resident Participation

    The district will hold five in person Community Connection meetings to provide an opportunity for the community to hear about school board redistricting, allow the public to review proposed maps, and capture community feedback.

    Hillsborough County residents are encouraged to attend the meetings to voice their opinions about how the lines are drawn.  Individuals who attend the Community Connections meetings in person will be able to submit public comment forms that will be supplied by staff on-site.


    Hillsborough County residents can go to the district website to view the current map as well as the proposed maps. Individuals can also provide feedback or comments online. If you would like to provide feedback and cannot attend the Community Connection meetings, please go to the homepage of our website and look under District News.

  • School Board Member Redistricting Timeline

  • Deadline

    By December 31, 2021, the School Board will have approved the adjustments to the school board district boundaries.  These adjusted boundaries will be effective for elections in 2022.

    Submit Community Feedback

    Community feedback is encouraged, and comments may be submitted using this form.