Guidelines for School Board Meetings

  • The School Board welcomes comments from citizens and values your input. Our School Board respects the public’s right to speak to the Board and we appreciate you taking your time to be at the meetings.  It is requested that when you address the Board, comments are not directed personally against a Board Member or staff member but rather directed at the issues.  Any behavior intended to interrupt the orderly conduct of the meeting will not be allowed. Our Civility Policy is in place. 

    Meeting attendees will not be allowed to bring flags, signage, placards, posters, banners, or any other visual aids into the building or the board room as they could be disruptive to the Board meetings.

    Community Members who wish to provide handouts to Board Members as part of their public comment must provide 10 copies and give to the Communications staff prior to the beginning of their public comments.

    Attendees are asked to silence all electronic devices.

Guidelines for Public Comment

    • The School Board has allotted up to 1.5 hours for public comment.
    • If 30 or fewer speakers sign up to speak, each speaker shall receive 3 minutes to speak; however, when 30 or more speakers wish to speak during public comment the time will be reduced to 2 minutes per speaker.
    • If a speaker goes over the allotted time, the microphone will be turned off.
    • If a group of speakers is in attendance together to speak on one topic, it is encouraged for them to designate one speaker for the group, while acknowledging the others in attendance.
    • All speakers must check in with the Communications staff in the lobby at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.
    • When addressing the Board, please state your name and speak clearly into the microphone. Public speakers shall identify themselves as Hillsborough County residents.
    • There is a timer and a light system on the lectern. When there are 30 seconds left, you will see a yellow light on the lectern. A red light and a chime will indicate when your time is up.
    • For Special Called School Board meetings, public comment shall be limited to the agenda item or items. The timing of public comments shall remain the same.

    The agenda for the School Board meeting is available to the Board and to the public at least one week prior to the Board meeting. Each agenda item is supported by an agenda cover sheet that contains relevant information about the items as well as additional back-up information, all of which is available as part of the online agenda.