School Traffic Circulation Committee

  • Solving transportation issues around schools takes close collaboration between Hillsborough County Public Schools and local governments. The School Traffic Circulation Committee is a way for the district to do just that. The working group, comprised of staffs from Hillsborough County, City of Tampa, and a variety of school district departments, meets monthly to find ways of enhancing circulation and safety for students who reach campus by foot, bike, bus, or car.

    Below are examples of recent projects, some complete and others on the horizon, that have resulted from the strong collaboration the committee allows.

    Special thanks to frequent members of the group, including Corries Culpepper, Director of Safety and Risk Management at HCPS; Lynn Decker, P.E., design project management supervisor for Hillsborough County’s Capital Programs Department; Janssen Gingras, Department Manager Sites and Utilities at HCPS; Jamie Warrington, Manager of Training and Safety at HCPS; and William Porth, Traffic Safety Coordinator with City of Tampa.

Hillsborough County School District headquarters – Bicycle Friendly Business Designation

The Hillsborough County School District’s headquarters in Downtown Tampa became a Bicycle Friendly Business in January 2021. The district earned the designation for its efforts to promote biking and for its proximity to facilities like the Jackson Street cycle track, which make biking safer and easier for employees. Learn more about our efforts and those of other businesses who earned the designation in the video below.

Sulphur Springs K-8 Community School bike/ped improvements

  • current intersection of N 13th St. and E. Seward and rendering of planned crosswalk improvements

    District and City of Tampa staff worked together to create a plan to improve walking and biking for Sulphur Spring K-8 Community School students. William Porth, the city’s traffic safety coordinator, and Amber Dickerson, general manager of Growth Management, surveyed all walk routes around the campus to identify issues. They also met with the principal, school resource officer, and members of the Parent Teacher Association to gather their input. FDOT awarded a Safe Routes to School grant of $182,740 that will go toward numerous safety improvements. This includes new crosswalks around campus, a three-way stop at East Yukon Street and North 12th Street, and a sidewalk along the south side of Yukon Street. Additionally, the district made a curbed median that students travel across on campus safer in January 2019 by adding multiple at-grade access points across it.
    Completion: TBD Get with City of Tampa
    Cost: TBD Get with City of Tampa

Mulrennan Middle School new circulation loop

  • loop road concept for Mulrennan Middle School and construction beginning new loop

    A collaborative effort with School Board Member Melissa Snively, County Commissioner Stacy White, and district and county staff improved circulation at Mulrennan Middle School in Valrico. The school’s loop design caused parent vehicles to back up off the campus. Melissa Snively and Stacy White joined district and county staff on site to observe and brainstorm solutions. The work resulted in a redesigned loop road, which added two lanes and approximately 1,700 feet of space to vehicle queuing space. The new loop eased congestion and provided a safer alternative for parents who park on nearby roads during student pick-up and drop-off.
    Completion: August 2020
    Cost: $400,000

Mort Elementary School neighborhood sidewalk improvements

  • construction crew pours a new sidewalk leading to Mort Elementary School

    Each day, students at Mort Elementary School travel a pedestrian network full of gaps and missing crosswalks to reach campus. This project will fill gaps around the neighborhood in unincorporated Tampa, making the journey to school safer for walkers and bicyclists. More than 7,500 feet of sidewalk is being added in the neighborhood surrounding Mort Elementary and 12 crosswalks will be improved. This project began as a Safe Routes to School submitted by the school district and is being completed through Hillsborough County.
    Cost: Approximately $680,000
    Completion: Ongoing, expected completion is April 2021

Barrington Middle School new circulation loop

  • new loop road takes shape at Barrington Middle School

    A new traffic loop completed in 2019 has eased a variety safety and circulation issues at Barrington Middle School in Lithia. The issues included school buses mixing with parent vehicles during drop-off and pick-up times, which created delays and the potential for conflicts between vehicles and students boarding and departing buses. Additionally, the traffic delays caused vehicles to back up off campus, creating additional traffic. To resolve these issues, the district constructed a new traffic loop for parent vehicles.
    Cost: $100,000
    Completion Date: November 2019

Crestwood Elementary School circulation loop

  • new loop road at Crestwood Elementary School

    A team effort led to an improved parent traffic loop that has improved safety for students at Crestwood Elementary School. District staff joined county staff, the school resource officer, and principal to observe dismissal at the campus in unincorporated Tampa and develop ideas for improvement. Prior to the loop’s construction, the loop design created two rows of cars, leading teachers and students to weave between vehicles during drop-off and pick-up times. Traffic also backed up on North Manhattan Avenue in both the north and south directions. The modified loop allows the school to use a covered play court to help facilitate pickup and drop off while also preventing vehicles from backing up onto Manhattan Avenue.
    Cost: Approximately $233,744
    Completion date: January 2020