• Starting Kindergarten is an exciting time for both a parent and a child. For some children it is their first venture away from home. For all children it is a new learning community with new faces and procedures.

    For first–time parents or those new to our community, we would like to help you navigate this new educational system.

    • Your child can attend kindergarten next August as long as she or he turns 5 on or before September 1.
    • Your child is zoned for a particular elementary school based on your address. Find your assigned school.
    • For parents who wish to send their child to a school outside of their zoned area, see our choice options.
    • If your child will be turning 6 on or after February 1 of the upcoming school year, you have the option to hold off on kindergarten until the following school year. (Note: Kindergarten IS mandatory for children who will turn 6 before February 1.)

    Be prepared for Kindergarten!

    Don’t wait to start the process!

    Parents are encouraged to register their children for kindergarten before the current school-year ends.

    “Ready for Kindergarten” events in will be held during the THIRD WEEK IN FEBRUARY across Hillsborough County.

    Parents with complete documentation will be able to register at the event or any time after that. (Note that the Physical must be dated within one year of the first day the child will attend school and the shot record must be up-to-date). Some paperwork can be downloaded and completed at home ahead of time. Click for more information.

    Our goal is to help every child experience a smooth transition into kindergarten. For many children, that transition starts with a quality preschool experience.

    Bold Beginnings is a Triple A initiative from Hillsborough Schools. We hope to provide every family with an Awareness of the early childhood programs available to them, Access to these programs and Assistance navigating these choices. It incorporates the following programs:

    • Head Start: A federally funded program focused on social, physical and academic development for children ages 3-5
    • Primary Exceptional Education Preschool Services (PEEPS): Designed to help children with developmental delays and/or disabilities
    • Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK): Designed to provide free educational programs to 4-year-olds.

    VPK and Kindergarten Information
    813-740-7870 x 350