Success Centers (Alternative Sites)

  • Entry
    • Students are assigned placement at one of the sites through the Office of Student Engagement through a Change of Placement hearing. The assigned site is determined by residential boundaries.
    • Parents and students must attend an orientation session upon entry.
    Student Profile
    • 6th - 12th grade students
    • Students who have engaged in Level 1 offenses on school campus.
    • Students who have displayed continuous disruptive behavior on school campuses.
    • Students who have engaged in Level 1 offenses in the community.
    Exit Criteria
    • Students are assigned a proposed exit date by the Office of Student Engagement upon entering the Success Center.
    • Students are engaged in the areas of attendance, behavior, and academic, and have individual goals of improvement in those areas.
    • A team that will consist of school Adminstrators, Student Services member (Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Behavior Specialists) will meet to determine progress towards goals and exit dates.
    Transition Back to Traditional Site

    When determination has been made that a student is to exit the success center, notification will be sent to the returning school's Principal and Regional Superintendent. A meet and greet will be organized to give the receiving school the opportunity to meet with the student to discuss any obstacles that may hinder a successful transition back to the traditional setting.