District Leadership

Terry Connor
Terry Connor | Deputy Superintendent/ Chief Academic Officer
Tracye Brown
Tracye Brown | Chief of Federal Programs, Grants and Administration
Tanya Arja
Tanya Arja | Chief Communications Officer
Dr. Monica Verra-Tirado
Dr. Monica Verra-Tirado | Chief of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Romaneir Johnson
Romaneir Johnson | Chief Financial Officer
Marie Whelan
Dr. Marie Whelan | Chief of Human Capital
Chris Farkas
Chris Farkas | Chief of Operations
Sue Burkett
Sue Burkett | Chief of Schools
Michael McAuley
Michael McAuley | Chief of Staff
Van Ayres
Van Ayres | Chief of Strategic Planning and Partnerships
Dr. Thomas Weeks
Dr. Thomas Weeks | Chief Technology Officer
Shaylia McRae
Shaylia McRae | Chief of Transformation Network