• Citations will begin being issued 8/29!

    Sumner High School is moving the parking process online this year through CANVAS! Parking is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!

    1. Login to Canvas:
      To log in, you will use your student Office 365 account. Your login is your student number @hcps.net (0000000@hcps.net). Your password is your Clever/Canvas password. If you need help resetting your password, click here.
    2. Access the course for Student Parking by going to https://sdhc.instructure.com/enroll/9HPJC3.
    3. Please read and follow the directions carefully to obtain your parking permit.
    4. Submit the following to the assignment for Student Parking:

    -A signed copy of the Parking Rules Acknowledgement - Student Parking Rules and Regulations 2022-2023.docx
    -A copy of your Driver's License
    -A copy of your insurance
    -A copy of your registration
    -A copy of your MyPaymentsPlus confirmation.

    1. If you are approved, your assignment will be graded with a Complete and you can report to the Student Affairs office to get your pass. Summer Hours will be August 1st, 3rd, and 8th from 9-11 in the main office. During the school year, passes will be given out during lunches and before/after school in Student Affairs. You must have received a Completesubmission to obtain a pass. 
    2. If you receive an Incomplete, please double check your uploads and read the notes. 
    3. Correct anything that needs correcting and wait for approval.

    *Allow up to 72 hours for parking pass approval once all documents are submitted. 

    If you have questions, please see Mrs. Wright during passing period, lunch, or email at Allison.Wright@hcps.net.