Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Sean Martin

Mr. Sean Martin graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Choral Music Education from The Florida State University where he studied under a variety of music educators and performed in many of their premiere choirs including University Singers, Chamber Choir, and Collegians.

Mr. Martin grew up in the Tampa area and attended Joe E. Newsome High School where he developed his love for chorus before his collegiate studies. Mr. Martin remains active in the choral community outside of teaching and has performed in choirs such as the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. He currently performs with the Festival Singers of Florida, whose concerts can be seen in multiple venues around the state each year.

Sumner High School Chorus

  • Program Overview

    Sumner High School’s Chorus Program offers students a comprehensive musical education and fosters personal growth through a student’s time in the program. Throughout the year, students learn fundamental vocal techniques, including proper breathing, pitch control, and harmonization.

    The curriculum often exposes them to a diverse repertoire of musical genres, from classical to contemporary, enhancing their appreciation for different styles. Beyond musical skills, chorus classes promote teamwork and collaboration, as students work together to create a positive learning environment.

    Students also develop their confidence and stage presence through regular rehearsals and performances. The class not only nurtures artistic expression but also instills discipline, time management, and the importance of dedication.

    The program offers a range of Chorus classes, from beginning level ensembles to two advanced audition-based choirs. Chamber Choir is the first of these, which is a polished group of singers that take on higher level repertoire. Show choir is the other, which combines song and dance with live instrumentation as well.


  • Sumner Chorus Program Events

    Chorus programs offer an enriching musical experience for participants, providing a platform for their talents to shine through various performance opportunities. Throughout the academic year, students perform in the Fall and Spring Concerts, which serve as the cornerstone events, where the chorus demonstrates their growth throughout the year. Additionally, the Winter Showcase rounds out the first semester, combining the Orchestra and Band programs as well.

    In early Spring, students participate in Music Performance Assessments (or MPA) for the program to be judged by several adjudicators on their progress from the school year. These performance opportunities not only foster a sense of community within the chorus but also allow individuals to showcase their musical talents, creating lasting memories for both performers and their appreciative audiences.

    Students are also able to have performance opportunities outside of school as well, including many enriching field trips.

    Students have the opportunity to audition for many Honor Choirs throughout the school year. These include the ACDA Honor Choir, All-State Honor Choirs, and All-County Honor Choirs. These performance opportunities and many more provide a great outlet for students to go above and beyond to pursue their passion for making music in this setting.