Student Panorama Survey

Student Panorama Survey


Your student has had the opportunity to share their voice by participating in the Spring Student Panorama survey through their Social Studies classes over the month of February. This two-part survey allows students to share their feelings covering topics from their personal emotional skill-set and their opinion of the overall climate and culture of Sumner High School.

The survey results are used by school leaders and teachers to make improvements to instruction, provide necessary supports for students, increase teacher-student relationships and continue to build and improve the climate and culture at Sumner.

Please take a moment to ensure that your student(s) have completed both parts of the survey.

Students access the survey by scanning the QR code below or using this link: student ID number is their access code.

Students can easily show you if they have completed both parts of the survey. You should see a completion page verifying this information. If you do not see completion, please encourage your student to take the survey at home. It will provide you a great opportunity to discuss your child's high school experience.

Currently, we are at a 55% completion rate and would like to reach our goal of 80% or higher by the end of the survey window, March 8th.

Thank you for your continued support of this important process.