TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) Information

  • Florida Statutes (F.S. 1004.91) require students who enroll in a program offered for career credit of 450 hours or more to complete an entry-level examination. The examination is designed to assess student mastery of basic skills (in reading, language, and mathematics). The basic skills requirements for career education programs are exit requirements from those programs. Tutoring must be available to assist students in attaining the required basic skills levels. The tutoring may be provided concurrently with enrollment in the career education program, or, in certain cases (i.e., programs with waiting lists), prior to entry into the career education program.

    There are certain cases where a student may be exempt from the basic skills requirement (see below). All others are encouraged to contact Student Services for information on TABE testing as soon as they express interest in attending Erwin Technical College. The test results will help the program advisor in counseling the student and will provide the basis for individualized tutoring assistance offered through our Learning Center. Students who need tutoring to reach the basic skills requirement will be encouraged to register in our Learning Center as soon as possible after taking the TABE. For questions, please consult a program advisor or Student Services.

    TABE Exemptions

    Students are exempt from the TABE if they:

    • Entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a Florida standard high school diploma;
    • Possess a college degree at the associate in applied science level or higher from an accredited post-secondary institution; or
    • Are currently serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Services.
    • Attainment of an Industry Certification

    If you meet any of these exemption policies, please contact a program advisor in the Office of Student Services (room 158).

    TABE Testing at Erwin Technical College


    • Plan to obtain a GED
    • Need remediation to be successful in our PSAV Programs
    • Students who require further testing based on Wonderlic Testing scores  


    • When planning to obtain a GED the cost is included in the first semester payment of $55.00 
    • When needing remediation for PSAV Program, the payment is included in first semester remediation payment of $45.00
    • When needing additional testing based on Wonderlic scores, the testing fee will be waived, and the student will be required to sign up for remediation courses with a $45.00 semester fee.

    Test times and information: 

    • TABE test times.  Please stop in Student Services for TABE testing days and times.
    • All TABE test participants must stop by the Student Services office to receive a pay form to pay for the test.
    • Students will be asked to pay ALL FEES IN FULL and then set up their test day and time. Seating is limited.   
    • Cell phones may not be used in the testing room. 
    • Children may not accompany testers to the school.
    • All students taking the TABE to enter a PSAV program must have an application on file
    • Students must prepay to take the test. 
    • All participants are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the test session. Doors will be locked 15 minutes before the test begins

    ID required:  Applicants need to provide a photo ID (Florida ID is preferred) and must know their Social Security number.

    Scores from other institutions:  If students want to submit Level D9 TABE scores administered by an outside source, they must be delivered on the public institution’s letterhead in a sealed envelope, clearly showing the test form and level, and must be no more than two years old prior to the class start date.  Under state guidelines, Erwin reserves the right to screen outside TABE scores from any source other than a public education institution for acceptance or denial.