• Erwin Technical College follows CDC guidelines and requires all people in the building to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. 

    What is the registration process during COVID-19? 

    • The campus is not open to the general public without an appointment.  
    • Email the appropriate Guidance Counselor/Program Advisor to arrange a time meet on campus and apply for the program.
    • Complete the Adult Student Information Form (ASIF)
    • For additional COVID-19 guidelines click on this CDC link.

    Student must bring the following to be prepared to register for a program: 

    • Proof of Residency (residency is defined as 1 year plus 1 month) with appropriate documentation, such as voter registration, vehicle registration, etc
    • Proof of valid Driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID.
    • Proof a valid standard high school diploma or GED.

    To officially register students must pay the non-refundable application/registration fee via money order or credit card. (Note: checks are not accepted. Additional fees may be necessary.) 

    How do I request my transcript?

    CLICK HERE to Order a Transcript, Diploma Award Letter or Education Verification

    Do I need to mail in high school transcripts to apply at Erwin?

    No, if you graduated from a Florida accredited high school advisors will be able to look up your transcripts.

    How do I find out more information about programs?

    We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of the Guidance Counselors/Program Advisors in Student Services to learn more about the program or schedule time with the program instructor to learn more about program content, learning and industry expectations.

    How do I find out when the next availability to start a program?

    When you meet with Student Services, you will be advised of the next available entry date as well as any specific eligibility requirements.

    How do I apply or get registered?

    When you arrive in Student Services, they will ask you to complete an application and show proof of residency. Students are also encouraged to schedule time with Financial Aid.  Many of our students qualify for financial assistance. See Financial Aid tab above or Financial Aid Flyer.

    Some programs require additional items such as a physical, drug screening, background checks, fingerprinting and uniforms. This will be discussed when you register with the Guidance Counselor/Program Advisor. 

    What documents do I need to apply? Do I have to pay another to register?

    It is helpful for you to bring a government issued photo ID along with Proof of Residency such as Florida Vehicle Registration, Florida Voters Card, proof showing 12 months of primary residence in Florida. Registration fee is $20.00 paid via check or money order along with additional lab, activity and insurances fees which vary per program. Student Services will be able to provide you with the exact amounts. 

    What is E.S.O.L. and how do I apply?

    Please contact Adult Education

    ESOL stands for: English for Speakers of Other Languages

    Phone: (813) 231-1907

    How can I post a job?

    Send a detailed job description with contact information to our Job Placement Coordinator/Guidance Department Head:  Debbie.Hoy@hcps.net

    The information will be posted on the student website and distributed to the program instructors. 

    Do you have classes for GED?

    Please contact Adult Education

    Phone: 813.231.1907