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    Class Dates
    Meeting Times
    12/06/2021 5PM - 10:00PM (Monday - Thursday)
    Tuition: $2,502.00
    Fees: $20.00
    Insurance: $72.00
    Books/Supplies: $819.00

    Course Info

    12 Months (*900 Clock Hours- teachout of 1200 Clock Hours)
    *As of March 1, 2021, the total clock hours for Barbering was changed by Florida Department of Education to 900 hrs.  All new students will be enrolled in the 900 hr course.

    Monday-Thursday; 5:00 pm-10:00 pm
    Program Standards:
    CASAS (Reading and Math) Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) scores: 239 in Reading, 584 Language, and 236 Math OR meet TABE exemption (refer to Admissions and Testing)

    2020-2021 Curriculum Framework

    Program Description 
    The Barbering program covers training in many aspects of hair and skin care. Specialized hair training includes cutting, mustache/beard trimming and designing, styling, permanent waving, relaxing, coloring, lightening, and reconditioning treatments. Instruction in men’s skin care will prepare the student to perform facials and to educate clients concerning personal skin care. Students receive the education and experience necessary to take the Florida State Board of Barbers Examination and enter the workforce as a competent, confident barber.  

    Book and Supply Information  
    For the most current list of books and supplies, please contact the Student Services Office, Financial Aid Office or our Bookstore.        

    Employment/Career Opportunities
    Graduates are qualified to take the Florida State Board of Barbering Examination. Students are licensed to work in any salon in Florida upon successfully passing the examination.

    Salaries for graduates usually start at 40-50% commission and average from $13.06-$14.25 per hour.
    Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the major attractions to a barbering career?
    Helping others look and feel better, building others' self-esteem and providing lucrative opportunities or business ownership.

    What are graduates qualified to do in the field of barbering?
    Licensed barbers in the state of Florida can engage in any of the following practices when done for remuneration and for the public: shaving, cutting, trimming, coloring, shampooing, arranging, dressing, curling, or waving the hair or beard; or applying oils, creams, lotions, or other preparations to the face, scalp, or neck, either by hand or by mechanical processes.

    Which part of the program is most difficult?
    Some students are challenged by learning the many technical terms while most students learn the practical areas with ease.

    Will I need to purchase additional equipment and supplies after I graduate?
    Yes, however, most supplies are included in the kit students purchase during the program. Graduates may want extra items such as brushes, combs, etc. once they are working in the field.

    At what point should I start my own business?
    First, gain experience as a barber in order to build a good client base. Two important considerations are having good financial credit for loans and a good location for a successful salon. Other considerations include employees, equipment, cost of rent, and utilities.

    What is the difference between Barbering and Cosmetology?
    Cosmetology focuses more on hairstyling and chemical services, while Barbering focuses more on men's haircutting, facial shaving and beard/mustache design. However, the curriculums are very similar.

    Is job placement available upon graduation?
    Advisory committee representatives and teachers provide students with guidance and recommendations.

    How can I learn more about this career field?
    Click here for more information

    Transferable credit inquires should be directed to the Barbering Program Advisor, at 813.769.5180 ext 239.

    For questions regarding the program please contact: