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    Anticpated Start Date
    Meeting Times
    Spring 2023 M 8am-1pm; T-F 8am-2pm

    Course Info

    14 Months (1200 Clock Hours)

    Monday 8 am-1 pm; Tuesday-Friday 8 am-2 pm
     (Summer schedule) Monday- Thursday 8 am - 2:45 pm

    2021-2022 Curriculum Frameworks

    Program Description
    Students receive the education and experience necessary to apply and take Florida State Board of Cosmetology Examination and enter the workforce as a competent, confident cosmetologist. Cosmetology covers training in all aspects of hair, skin and nails. Specialized hair training includes cutting, styling, permanent waving, relaxing, coloring, lightening and reconditioning treatments.

    Instruction in skin care prepares students to competently perform facials, apply make-up, and educate clients concerning personal skin care. Students also receive the necessary education required to perform manicures, pedicures, and artificial nail services.

    Employment/Career Opportunities 
    Graduates are qualified to take the Florida State Board of Cosmetology Examination. Students are licensed to work in any salon in Florida upon successfully passing the examination.

    NOTE:  A history of felony convictions may affect your ability to gain employment in this field. 

    Salaries for graduates range from $9.36-$12.14 per hour and are generally commission-based. Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics

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