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    Spring 2022 Monday - Friday 8AM - 2PM

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    17 Months (1500 Clock Hours)

    Monday -Friday 8 am-2 pm
    (Summer schedule) Monday- Thursday 8 am - 2:45 pm

    2021-2022 Curriculum Frameworks

    Program Description
    The Drafting program will prepare students for employment in the drafting field, building on the ability to visualize concepts and designs and to bring their ideas to life using modern drafting methods. Students will learn the use of hardware and software used by professionals to present their design. Instructions include creation of drawings and documents for the construction/fabrication process. The application of these advanced computer methods to specific occupational areas will be part of the student's instructions. All students will take the Autodesk  & Autocad Certified User test.  Students may elect to also take the Autodesk certifications after passing the Autocad Certification.

    Employment/Career Opportunities
    Students are prepared to enter multiple fields, such as: Structural and Residential Architecture- includes housing and large buildings; Civil Drafting- includes roads, land development for housing areas, water lines and storm water drainage, highway and bridges;  Electrical Drafting- includes residential electrical, structural electrical, circuit boards, electrical panels, cable lines, optical lines, and networking layouts; Mechanical Drafting- includes plant/factory design, equipment design, such as tools and machine parts.

    Salaries for graduates range from $17.68 - $23.26per hour.
    Source:  Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Labor Market Statistics

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    For questions regarding the program, please contact:  Elizabeth2.martinez@hcps.net