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Important Information for Incoming Students: 2024-2025

 #WalkerWednesday Information will be posted here each week from February 7, 2024 through May 22, 2024. The newest information will be on the top of the page!

February 28 - Uniforms

Uniform and Spirit Store Links 

B&B Sports is proud to be working with Walker Middle Magnet to provide Student Uniforms for the school.  The store will be open on a rolling schedule. Typically, ordering windows are on or about the 1st - 15th of each month. The uniform link shuts down at the end of the ordering window to process the orders for delivery, then it will re-open. So, if you click on the link and see "This store has expired", it means the B&B Store is processing orders and you will need to come back. It will have a line for HOMEROOM on the order form; since incoming students don't have a HR yet, just type in NEW STUDENT. We will have a number of ordering windows to allow you to get what you need.

Families can pick up orders placed in June and July in the main office from Friday August 2 -  Friday August 9.
Once school starts on August 12, students will be given their order during lunch in the cafeteria. 
  • You are not required to purchase a uniform shirt with a logo.
  • You are required to buy PE uniforms with logos. 





There are a few seats left on our 2025 trip to Dublin, London, and Paris. Enroll by Friday March 1 and receive a $200 discount!

Click here to enroll and to see all of the details: Dublin, London and Paris | EF Educational Tours (


Reminder: Save the Dates 

  • May 1, 4:00pm - 6:30pm: Welcome to Walker Ice Cream Social 
  • July 22 or 23, 7:30am -12:00 am: Walker Wolf Camp & Parent 101 (8:00am - 9:00am). Camp is one day, choose one date.
  • August 8: Walker Open House
  • August 12: First Day of 2024-2025 School Year

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 February 21 - IBO Evaluation

All IB World Schools participate in programme evaluation every five years. This helps the school and the IB know that IB programmes are being implemented according to the programme standards and practices. It is an opportunity for schools to pause, reflect on what is working and what may need more attention. It is a time to step back to see the big picture, re-engage the community and get re-energized about what the IB offers students and teachers. 
Walker is in our evaluation year and next week is our remote visit with our evaluation team on February 27, 28, 29. In addition to all of the fabulous opportunities we offer our students and families, we are preparing for interviews with teachers from each of the eight IB Subjects focused on PurposeEnvironment, Culture, and Learning. There are also interviews with the governing body - school district, parents, and students. After the evaluation is completed, we will share the conclusion with everyone in our Walker IB MYP Community!

February 14 -  Transportation! ❤️


Bus Transportation

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools offers free bus transportation to Walker through the magnet bus system for most of our families. When you applied for Walker, it stated whether transportation would be provided.  
  • IF transportation is provided; The1st bus will pick up the K-12 magnet children in your neighborhood and drive them to one of four bus ramps. From the bus ramp they will transfer to a 2nd  bus that will bring your child to Walker. The same process is reversed in the afternoon. See the HCPS website for more information about the locations of the bus ramps: Magnet Schools / Transportation (
  • This is the Magnet Transportation phone number: (813) 982-5500
    • You can call them, but they won’t have any information about magnet bus routes at this time. They will tell you to call the school, but we don’t have more information about buses than the transportation department.
    • The magnet bus routes are the last ones planned each year because the routes are based on the families that accept magnet school offers. Typically, families are notified about 2 weeks before school starts with bus stop locations and times. The fastest way to find out about the magnet bus stops in your neighborhood is to talk to your neighbors and observe; if you see multi-age students waiting for a bus early in the morning, they are probably going to a magnet school.
    • It would be great if the district offered direct buses from our closest neighborhoods to save on transportation costs and time spent riding on a bus; we have asked, but it hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps this is an opportunity for parents to participate in “IB Service As Action”, which includes research and advocacy.


Private Bus Transportation 

  • Families that attend Westchase Elementary were sent information about Recreation Express.  A Walker parent living in Westchase set up this transportation option.  Tampa School Bus Rentals ~ Tampa Bay Bus Tranportation, Tampa FL ( This private bus is not connected to HCPS. I am sharing this information with you as a service to our families. Please contact Recreation Express with questions, not Walker Middle Magnet.


Car Transportation

  • Most of our families drive their children to school. Please read: Safety Information – Car Line Procedures
    • Carpools are an option we would like you to consider so we can reduce the number of cars on campus and, as a “FL Green School”, we want to reduce carbon emissions.  Walker’s PTSA typically helps families connect through a private Facebook page and online form submission. PTSA board members will be at the May 1 Welcome to Walker - Ice Cream Social with more information!
    • The HOST program enables families to drive their children to school while avoiding the “rush hour” in the morning and afternoon. HOST is a fee-based program run by Walker teachers. The morning session opens at 6:15am and the afternoon session closes at 6:00pm. Space is limited, so when registration opens this summer, you must sign up right away!  HOST (Before and After School, Summer Care) Programs / Registration (
    • Access Points: Families of our special needs students will drop off/pick up students in the area that the buses unload. No other vehicles are permitted in the bus area. They will have an ESE Drop Off/Pick Up car line tag in the vehicle—please allow them to merge and pass as needed. Access Points students will be met at the car starting at 8:10am by a teacher or paraprofessional that will escort them into the school.


Walkers and Bike Riders

  • We have a few families and teachers that live within walking and biking distance. These students will be given special passes and safety instruction at the beginning of the school year.



Transportation around the world on planes, trains, and boats! Students may travel with or without family members. Follow the links below to learn more about our international travel program and IB a World Traveler Club.

  • In 2025, we are traveling to Dublin, London, and Paris. 

  • Want to travel this summer to Spain? Registration closes on February 21 at 11:59pm so you have to act fast! 5th grade students need a parent to travel with them. Travel dates have been confirmed: June 9 - 19, 2024.


Accidentally Deleted an Email?!

No problem! All information is posted on the Walker Website: Important Information for Incoming Students: 2024-2025 (

February 7, 2024  - Important Dates


Congratulations and Welcome to the Walker Wolf Pack!

We are so excited that you accepted your child's offer to attend Walker Middle Magnet IB World School for the 2024-2025 school year!

Now that you have "ACCEPTED":

  • Follow Walker Middle Magnet IB World School on Twitter @WalkerMiddleIB 
  • Follow Walker IB Coordinator on Twitter @jmscfla
  • Bookmark our website Walker Middle Magnet / Homepage (
  • Add to your contacts so you don't miss important emails. I will be your point of contact until the 2024-25 school year begins.
  • IF your child receives Special Education Services (they have an IEP), please call our ESE Specialist, Jeannine Stevens at 813-631-4726 x 225 ASAP.


  • I will send you an email every Wednesday, starting today, February 7 and ending on May 22 !
  • Every email subject line will start with #WalkerWednesday and end with - the topic for the week. 
  • I will answer ALL of the FAQs in weekly "chunks"!

Save the Dates - Sign Ups Coming Later

  • May 1, 4:00pm - 6:30pm: Welcome to Walker Ice Cream Social 
  • July 22 or 23, 7:30am -12:00 am: Walker Wolf Camp & Parent 101 (8:00am - 9:00am). Camp is one day, choose one date.
  • August 8: Walker Open House
  • August 12: First Day of 2024-2025 School Year


You may have heard that as an IB World School, Walker students and families have educational opportunities to travel the world.

  • In 2025, we are traveling to Dublin, London, and Paris. Want to travel with us? Follow the links below to Sign Up for a meeting!

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