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    Athletic Contact: Henry Lefler, Assistant Head of School/AP henry.lefler@hcps.net 

    Forms and Eligibility for Middle School Sports

    The Athletic Department at Hillsborough County Public Schools now hosts their Pre-Participation Athletic Forms online at www.PlanetHS.com . This digital platform is open now and will allow you, and your student(s), to complete and access athletic forms via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is HIPAA, COPPA and FERPA compliant. You can access the middle school athletic procedural requirements and getting started guide and at: Student Forms and Eligibility

    You can view the following video on how to complete the online process: https://youtu.be/br-L5eNOmhc

    Students will not be able to participate in athletic activities, including practices, until this information is submitted and approved online by school staff. Completing the required paperwork does not guarantee making the team. For assistance with online registration, please use the help/support feature within the program or contact Mr. Lefler.


    Walker Sports Teams

    • Girls & Boys Basketball  
    • Girls & Boys Volleyball 
    • Girls & Boys Track 
    • Girls & Boys Soccer
    • Girls & Boys Flag Football