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  • What is the Cambridge Honors Institute?

    • High intensity learning at an accelerated pace providing students with enrichment experiences beyond the curriculum required by the State of Florida.
    • Students in the Honors Institute must be capable of learning independently and working beyond the normal expectations for academic growth.
    • Students in the Honors Institute are highly motivated and already meeting or exceeding the proficiency standards set forth by the State of Florida on the Florida Standards Assessment and End of Course exams.


    • Honors Institute students are a cohort of scholars who share an academically focused mindset.
    • Honors Institute students can potentially earn 6 high school credits in:
      • Algebra or Algebra 1 Honors
      • Spanish 1 and Spanish 2
      • Agricultural Foundations
      • Robotics and Science
      • Possibly Geometry depending on qualified students

    Successful Honors Institute students will...

    • Thrive in the collaborative and rigorous academic setting
    • Make yearly gains on state assessments
    • Be proactive when absent as every student is an integral part of the institute
    • Monitor their behaviors and help their peers be successful citizens
    • Communicate with their parents on academic performance and upcoming projects/presentations.+

    How can my student become a part of the Rodgers Honors Institute?  

    Aside from our whole-school model, 6th and 7th-grade students who meet the criteria at Rodgers Middle Magnet for honors coursework may be invited to join the Rodgers Honors Institute. At the end of each year, teachers will nominate students to be invited to the Rodgers Honors Institute. Following a nomination, each student's record will be reviewed for academic achievement on report cards and assessments, attendance, and behavior. Should the student meet the requirements, they will be invited to the program with their parents' permission.  

    Who to contact for more information?

    Thomas Waistell
    Lead Teacher, Cambridge Program and Honors Institute

    Miriam Duran
    Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    Adam Lane

     Main School Line