• Performing Arts

    Welcome to the pride of Rodgers Middle Magnet School -

    Our Performing Arts program!

    Rodgers Middle Magnet School Performing Arts program affords a focus on the whole student including scholarship, leadership, character growth, and of course musical excellence! Program courses continue to be the most popular electives at Rodgers MMS.

    As a beginner, students focus on development for about six months before their first concert.  The more developed they become in the program, the more concerts and trips they will have the opportunity to take.  All this is in preparation for the next step at the High School level. 

    Made up of our Bands, Chorus and Orchestra, the Rodgers music program is strong in Hillsborough County and the State.  We hope that students will consider joining us and cementing their names in our history with the Rodgers Stingray Performing Arts program!