• How is Cambridge implemented at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet is a whole-school model, driven by the internationally respected Cambridge Philosophy. Rodgers is a Cambridge school and the Cambridge Learner Attributes are implemented campus-wide. The curriculum is written and administered by the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. All students will be challenged with rigorous courses, and will have the opportunity to choose classes based on their interests.
    How are students selected for The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    All students living in the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area will be exposed to the world-renowned Cambridge International program. Students outside the Rodgers boundary can apply to attend through the School Choice/Magnet application process by clicking here. Applicants will be selected by lottery based on available space in the program.

    Is transportation provided?
    Bus transportation will only be available for students who live within the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area and are eligible for transportation under Florida law and school district policy.  

    Which classes will have the Cambridge learning philosophy?
    All academic and elective courses are infused with the Cambridge curriculum.

    What other academic programs will be offered at The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    Aside from our whole-school model, 6th and 7th-grade students who meet the criteria at Rodgers Middle Magnet for honors coursework may be invited to join the Rodgers Honors Institute. At the end of each year, teachers will nominate students to be invited to the Rodgers Honors Institute. Following a nomination, each student's record will be reviewed for academic achievement on report cards and assessments, attendance, and behavior. Should the student meet the requirements, they will be invited to the program with their parents' permission.

    Additionally, Rodgers Middle Magnet offers the following organizations:

    • Athletics
    • Science Fair
    • SLAM (Student Literacy and Media Celebration)
    • NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)
    • Student Council
    • Math League
    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Orchestra
    • Chess Club
    • Girls Who Code
    • Robotics
    • GSA and Diversity Club